Our brands and venues are built with a core focus on innovation, comfort and repeat longevity.

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The team behind the brick and mortar.

“The secret that we have learned from over 20+ years in the industry is that you need to be able to seamlessly blend the exotic with the familiar.

When inspiration meets execution, great things happen.”


Native New Yorker Cole Bernard is a passionate connector of commerce and culture and a seasoned entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His commitment to trust, integrity, and professionalism has earned him a reputation as a thought leader and forward-thinking executive. Since launching the company’s flagship location in New York City, Cole has helped transform Bounce Sporting Club into a trusted national brand with locations in NYC, Chicago, and Delray, Florida.


Native New Yorker and BHG Co-CEO Benny Silman has been a thought leader and connector within the upscale hospitality space for over 18 years. His love for people and creativity has powered all of BHG’s culturally-enriched programming across all of our properties and continues to create buzz for our guests and partners. Most recently, Benny guided the brand through its post-COVID recovery and helped to further establish its reputation as the premier destination for football season.


Yosi found his passion for nightlife and hospitality in the mid ’90s house music scene in NYC, working with promoters and scene luminaries from the worlds of sports, fashion, and pop culture. From there, he graduated to the fine dining realm, where his world travels helped him concept and execute world class food and beverage programs. Most recently, he oversaw the buildout and transformation of Bounce Beach Montauk. As BHG’s Co-CEO, Yosi’s commitment to constantly raising the bar comes through in everything he does, from construction to design to business development.

Since inception, we focus on brand recognition and our employees livelihoods.

How We Operate

We aim to identify emergent opportunities in ultra competitive markets and find new and innovative ways to make them unique and press-worthy, as well as scalable and approachable.

How We Execute

Succeeding in some of the world’s most competitive real estate and hospitality markets requires a true 360 approach.

Our Approach

Hospitality is an artform, but it is also a science. Without community, energy, culture, and desirability, there’s no heartbeat and no soul.

Strategic Partnerships

These days, it’s not enough to just offer an inspiring, Instagram-worthy setting and awesome food and beverage programs. If you want to be a part of the culture, you need to partner up with the culture.

Brandit Hospitality Group is a full service hospitality company specializing in curating and executing high end sports and pop culture activations.

Engaging, attractive, press-worthy.

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Company Culture

Our company culture is built on collaboration, community, and innovation.

We know the ins and outs of creating and sustaining buzz and desirability, and we see that as a by-product of our greatest assets, the people we work with.

Over 200 employees growing together
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